Layers turns 5!

Reading Time: < 1 minute As far as milestones go, this feels like a big one, maybe more so because of the trials of 2020 and running a business during a global pandemic. Add to that the fact that 80% of businesses fail within the first 3 years and it definitely feels like a milestone that needs to be celebrated soooooo… […]

Layers origin story : Jonny Tabiner

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello, I’m Jonny. I am the Junior Designer and newest member of the team here at Layers Studio, however, my journey to this position has not been straightforward. You may have heard of this little thing called a global pandemic that’s affected many things, including my journey.    From Intern to unemployed Graduate to Junior […]

Tips to help you hit your year-end goals

Reading Time: 4 minutes Strategy noun ; a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. When it comes to strategy, a lot of businesses use their year-end as an opportunity to reflect and set out their plans for the following year. While I agree that this is a great time to reflect and plan for […]

Aesthetics or Function – what is more important?

Reading Time: 2 minutes You’ve heard the question ‘Is looks or personality more important?’. The truth is, most of us like to think we’re not as shallow as we actually are and that personality trumps looks every time, but that’s often not the case. For us to give someone a chance in the first place, there has to be […]

Collaboration – why is it so important?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Collaboration noun ; the action of working with someone to produce something. Collaboration is the joining of forces (individual or organisational) for the purpose of achieving a shared objective.  It can and should happen within teams, departments, cross-departmentally, within organisations and between organisations. Collaboration is so ingrained in the way we work nowadays that we rarely notice that we’re collaborating. […]

Tips for working from home during the Coronavirus outbreak

Reading Time: 3 minutes As we navigate through these unprecedented times, be aware that although you are having to negotiate unfamiliar, and for some, scary scenarios such as working from home and homeschooling, know that you are not alone! It may not be a cure for Coronavirus but if it helps with your current situation then I’d say it’s […]

Top 7 reasons for rebranding

Reading Time: 4 minutes On average, businesses rebrand every 7-10 years. Sometimes, a rebrand is compulsory however more often than not the company, product offering, or audience has evolved and so the brand too must evolve in line with this. There are sometimes multiple contributing factors that motivate a rebrand but commonly there is one main motivator. Below are […]