Green Spaces

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The Green spaces app design needs to consider a multitude of user types. To work in partnership with Wildlife Trusts and Biodiversity enthusiasts alike. Part information resource, part data logging too. Encouraging users with a passion for Biodiversity to log their finding in the app to help collate a wealth of live data useful for environmental scientists and researchers across various industries.


Working with Northumbria and Newcastle Universities to map the data that will most assist public services and town planners to better understand how and why people use green spaces. This is will in turn allow for better planning for the future.

It will also allow institutions such as the NHS to prescribe suitable outdoor places for patients suffering from Mental Health issues, recently cited as the most cost-effective way to treat mental health. The project would also create a centralised hub for trusts and local authorities to track, service and improve green spaces within their care.

The Result:

Layers designed a user-friendly tool that takes leads from commercial websites helping trusts to promote their sites. The design also considers the need for having the level of depth for multiple user types, with various levels of access.

The result leans on Google Material principles to create a multi-tiered, Russian doll esc – information architecture that clearly and beautifully displays the information most useful to the user at each level.

Finally, we created a clickable prototype that users can interact with and test the process before further development.

With a fully scoped plan for development, including a comprehensive data architecture plan, use case studies and general user feedback. The project is looking for investment from interested parties to help develop a live MVP and attract users from various backgrounds.

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