High Street Residential Website

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Highstreet Residential needed a new website to allow them to showcase their range of developments and regularly update them. Importantly, they needed a way to capture lead information and add them to their sales pipeline. The company is growing at a rapid rate and needed a website that would allow for rapid developments and incremental updates by their internal team of content writers and developers.


Layers proposed creating a new website on the client’s preferred platform, WordPress, but integrating it with a sales pipeline and CRM software. Layers put forward sales and marketing-driven designs that would allow High Street Group to showcase the general details and stunning visuals of their developments while offering detailed brochures in return for lead data.

All data from the website feeds directly into the High Street Residential’s SalesForce platform. With an automated strategy provided to add follow up comms and the ability to use smart forms moving forward to validate leads for the Residential sales team.

The look of the site was to match their last company brochure, which followed a dark palette and used the brand pink as a highlight, a key visual identifier of the Hight Street brand.

The Result:

  • An integrated web-to-sales pipeline solution.
  • A modern, premium, on-brand look and feel.
  • The first page of google ranking for the brand and developments keywords.
  • Salesforce Integration.

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