North East Digital Festival

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Newcastle is a bustling hive of activity when it comes to the digital and creative sectors. As the city and its capacity for innovation grows, so do the crowds to it’s top digital and tech events. Sunderland Software City saw the potential to bring 3 of the biggest events the North East has together, to form a much bigger festival

Bringing together Thinking Digital, Newcastle Startup Week and Tech Talent the NE Digital Festival would cover target Startups, Scaleups and those trying to get on the ladder. Covering everything you want to know about Innovation, technology, digital business.

2019 was the soft launch for this festival, with plans to build on the brand each year.


Brand Typefaces


An new brand identity to start to give a single visual style and home for each of the involved event brands to sit under. In this early stage it is about associating the various brands with a single constant.

The idea brings together the ideas of progress, trinity and modern digital styles. The 3 triangles can represent the 3 partners, steps of progress or just different elements of the festival themselves.

The three arrow heads give a sense of direction and purpose as well as a uniquely identifiable mark, pointing towards the North East.

The Result:

StudyAtlas has run successfully for its first year, as it had to show proof of concept, working closely with over 50 institutions in the UK. The platform has also already expanded to included courses in New Zealand and Australia.

StudyAtlas has successfully taken on initial angel investment, with a valuation of £2million, it looks to secure it’s first Series A investment by the end of Summer 2019

NEDF 2019:









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