Averted! | Branding & Game Design

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brief We were approached by our good friends at Nebula Labs to brand and design a school-friendly educational game aimed at getting young persons interested in engineering. The game would start with a flooding disaster theme but has the potential to move into various other real-world disaster scenarios – such as fires and power outages. […]

Poetic License

Reading Time: 2 minutes Solution: In the run-up to the new bottles being created, promotional artwork was created and printed in a product and brand info pamphlet. This was distributed to the bars and venues that stock Poetic License to let them know the change was happening. The print on this was important. We used a dark grey background, […]

Ctrl-Hub | Web Software

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brief Develop a modern digital solution specifically catered for the construction and utility industry. Remove endless paper trails and improve efficiency and compliance particularly with regard to health and safety within the Construction & utility industry. Solution: A bespoke Enterprise Resource Management system that incorporated the collection of data from across the supply chain. Layers […]

Green Spaces

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brief The Green spaces app design needs to consider a multitude of user types. To work in partnership with Wildlife Trusts and Biodiversity enthusiasts alike. Part information resource, part data logging too. Encouraging users with a passion for Biodiversity to log their finding in the app to help collate a wealth of live data useful […]


Reading Time: 2 minutes Brief Layers were approached by Mark Belshaw, founder of the ForeGamers web application. Mark wants to create a better social gaming experience, by making connections more transparent and giving gamers more control, ForeGamers aims to can inspire a stronger community of gamers online and offline. Solution: ForeGamers exists to create more relevant, personal and meaningful connections […]